Anna is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and awarded writers. Her books STASILAND and ALL THAT I AM are prize-winning international bestsellers, translated into many languages and published around the world.

Anna’s signature works tell true stories of courage, resistance, conscience and love, illuminating the human condition in times of tyranny and surveillance. She “explores the space between the conscience and the soul,” (Scotland on Sunday).
In prose “at once lyrical, bitter, funny and sad,” Anna uncovers everyday heroes buried by history (The Observer). In her worlds “wit survives and inhumanity is often undermined by its ironies.” (The Times)

Anna’s novella THE GIRL WITH THE DOGS reimagines love in the age of the tracking device.

Anna was born in Melbourne and spent her early childhood in San Francisco and Paris, as her father completed his post-doctoral work in medicine, and her mother plotted a career in psychology while looking after three small children.

Anna studied English literature, German and law in Melbourne and West Berlin. In the 1990’s she was Counsel in International and Human Rights law for the Australian Government before leaving to live in Berlin and write full-time. Today, she continues her commitment to human rights as an Ambassador for the International Cities of Refuge Network which offers safe havens around the world to writers persecuted in their own countries.

Anna’s books have received many awards and her essays have been widely published and anthologised. A former DAAD (Berlin), Australia Council, NSW Writing Fellow and Rockefeller Foundation Fellow, Anna is a UTS Luminary and Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow. In 2011 she was named in the ‘Top 100 People of Influence’ by the Sydney Morning Herald and appointed to the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts.

After several years in Brooklyn, NY, Anna now lives in Sydney.