Anna Funder has written for magazines and newspapers around the world. She has been a regular columnist for The Monthly, and, alternating with the late Anna Politkovskaya and others, for the Norwegian magazine Ny Tid.


The Guardian
‘In the Time Magazine interview with Jonathan Franzen, journalist Lev Grossman writes, “A writer has to be both boxer and trainer at the same time, and Franzen’s trainer is a hard-ass.”’
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The Monthly
Court Order (On Aboriginal Netballers), December 2010 – January 2011
Not My Type (on Personality Type Testing), October 2010
The Means of Production (On the uses of Burlesque), September 2010
Not Rocket Science, August 2010
Confidence Trick (Combating patriarchy play-by-play in the Sydney Theatre Company), June 2010
Heaven, Hell and Limbo, May 2010
Bad Hotel, April 2010
Water Gods, March 2010
All Bogans Here (on the smart, tit-flashing not-so-underclass of Aussie), November 2007

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Ny Tid
Skammen er over, November 2007
De som elsker sitt land, November 2006
Maorienes ukjente makt, October 2006
Langt, langt Down Under, May 2006


Anna occasionally writes feature articles such as Secret History.
‘Why, since the end of the war, have millions of documents from the Nazi regime been locked up in a German archive, access denied to victims and their families? Anna Funder investigates.’
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PEN Writers Lecture 2008 ‘Courage’

In 2008 Anna Funder gave the PEN Writer’s Address on Courage, introduced by Tom Keneally.
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Liberty Victoria Allen J Missen Memorial Oration 2007

Australian National University Commencement Address 2005


‘The Lives of Others is about a Stasi man who shows a little mercy. Impossible, says Anna Funder. The GDR spies couldn’t have done it – and wouldn’t have wanted to.’
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